Grade 6 Supplies

2017-2018 Grade 6 Supplies



Individual teachers will request other supplies as needed at the beginning of the year.


  • 2 Rolls of paper towels                          

  • Two boxes of tissues

  • Two containers of surface wipes

  • 2 twelve pack boxes of pencils with erasers – to be kept at home and brought in as needed

  • Extra pencil cap erasers

  • 1 Highlighter

  • 3 packages of note cards-3 x 5

  • One package of dry erase markers


           One 2” binder


            Math - Two 11 x 8.5” single subject notebooks (a regular piece of paper can be stapled in WITHOUT the edges sticking out).  Single                           subject is plenty.


         Science, Social Studies, ELA - Two single subject notebooks for each class, one to be kept in school and one to be kept at home as a                           reserve.

           • Computers - one pair of inexpensive ear buds to be left in class.