Grade 8 Supplies

•  One three inch 3 ring sturdy binder (Tip: We have found that the             Avery “Heavy-Duty” “One Touch” ones are the most durable and         more likely to last the entire year.)

•  Scientific calculator Texas Instruments brand (MUST be labeled              with student name)

•  Pens (blue and black)

•  Number 2 pencils

•  Erasers

•  Set of colored pencils 

•  3 different color highlighters

•  One 3-hole punched zippered pouch to carry writing utensils and           calculator in binder

•  Two boxes of tissues, one roll of paper towels, and one container of       wipes for classroom use

•  1 package of subject dividers with pockets (5 dividers per package)

•  Large package of white lined composition paper

•  4 book covers (No cloth book covers, please, they ruin the bindings.       A brown paper bag works just fine.)

•  2 sets of Inexpensive ear buds - to be left in school for science and        computer classes

              •  2 Single subject spiral notebooks – for science and English                              (plastic covers highly recommended because they don't rip off.)

             •  Required Book: Please buy Gathering Blue by Lois Lowery and                           have it with you on the first day of school. (You should not read it                       yet!)

To all incoming eighth graders:

Eighth grade is an important year in your school career.  You will be preparing for the high school, honing your study skills and organization, as well as expanding your knowledge base and writing skills.  We look forward to helping you along this journey.  Please come prepared in September with the above supplies, as well as your summer reading completed.  See you in the fall!

TBD - math

Mrs. Jones - math lab

Mrs. Toczko - literacy lab

Mrs. Lajoie - social studies

Mrs. Novak - science

Ms. Young - English

Mr. Zimora - special education / learning lab