Grade 7 Supplies

GRADE 7 SUPPLIES FOR 2017 to 2018

(Please bring on the first day of school to Advisory Homeroom.)


  • One three-inch, 3-ring sturdy binder (Tip: We have found that the Avery “Heavy-Duty” “One Touch” ones are the most durable and more likely to last the entire year.)

  • One package of 5 subject tab dividers for binder

  • One zippered pouch with three hole punches to hold writing supplies and calculator in binder at all times

  • Large package of white lined hole punched paper to start the year

  • 3 Five Star Mead spiral notebooks:   1 three-subject 9 for Science, 1 one subject for English, and 1 one subject for Foreign Language

  • Basic Scientific calculator (MUST be labeled in permanent marker on the calculator AND the cover with student name) TI30 suggested

  • Pens (blue and black)

  • Number 2 pencils: 2 boxes of 12 to start the year

  • Erasers: pencil cap style

  • Set of colored pencils (set of 8 or 12 is fine)

  • 3 highlighters: three different colors

  • 2 rolls of scotch tape (one to be kept in English class, one in science)

  • 2 packages of Post-Its (any color, 3x3 or 4x6 or )

  • Paper shopping bag to be used for math book cover. (NO cloth covers!)

  • 2 sets of inexpensive “ear buds” - to be left in science and computer classes

  • 2 boxes of tissues

  • 2 rolls of paper towels

  • 1 container of disinfectant wipes

  • 1 single gallon zip lock bag

  • Required Book: Please buy Wonder by R.J. Palacio and have it with you on the first day of school. (You do not need to read it yet!)

RISING 7TH GRADERS: Welcome! We hope you are getting excited for the year ahead in seventh grade. You will find that there will be many changes, but many things will feel the same as they did in sixth grade. We know you will enjoy being “upstairs” and having different teachers for every subject. You may have more homework and responsibilities, but with that comes more independence and freedom. We look forward to meeting you all in September!

Have a fantastic summer, 

Grade 7 Team Teachers:

            Ms. Crandall – English

            Mrs. Gallant – Science

            Mrs. Newton – Mathematics

            Mr. Wills – Social Studies

            Mrs. Scott – Special Education