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Grade 7 Summer Reading

Summer Reading Work – Grade 7 English Language Arts

Glenbrook Middle School


Hello Incoming 7th Grader!


I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you in September. Before we begin our official work in the classroom, you have two assignments you will need to complete for the first day of school.


You can always email me over the summer if you have any questions about these assignments. I can be reached at


Here are your assignments:


Letter to Ms. Crandall


Please type a letter to Ms. Crandall introducing you to me! You should include the following information:

o   Who are you, and what kinds of things do you enjoy and are important to you?

o   What are you doing over the summer?

o   What are your thoughts on school? What do you enjoy? What’s not so enjoyable?

o   What do you like to read? What kind of writing do you like to do?

o   What is your favorite food? Why?

o   What is one place you’d love to visit? Why?

o   What else do you want me to know about you?


Your letter must be printed and handed in to Ms. Crandall on the first day of school.


Summer Reading


Select one of the books below. You must read the book in its entirety before the first day of school.


During the first week of school, we will be working as a whole class and in small groups with this book.


If you think you will forget parts of the book, it might make sense to take notes on index cards or Post-it notes while you are reading.


I expect you to be able to answer the following questions about this book:

o   Who are the main characters or the main people in the story?

o   Where does this story take place?

o   What is the main conflict or problem in this story?

o   Why do you think the author wrote this book?

o   What is the most exciting part of the book?

o   How does the book end? Why does it end this way?

o   Would you recommend this book to another person? Why or why not?

Summer Reading List: Glenbrook Grade 7 English Language Arts