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Lunch pre-payment information below:

127 Grassy Gutter Road
Longmeadow, MA 01106
Heidi Gregoire, Director of Food Services                                                             Telephone (413) 565-4230
                                                                                                                         Fax (413) 565-4229
Memo to Longmeadow Public Schools Parents/Guardians
From: Heidi Gregoire , Director of Food Services
Re: Lunch Prepayment Procedure

Procedures for prepaid lunch:

1) By Mail: Checks should be made out to Town of Longmeadow School Lunch. Mail to your child’s 
school, Attn: Cafeteria, (your school's address, Longmeadow, MA 01106. Please be sure to 
include your child’s full name, grade, teacher’s name, and how many lunches you are purchasing.
Elementary $2.50 per lunch, Middle $2.75 and High Schools $3.00 per lunch. No cash please.

2) Drop off at the school’s office: Leave the envelope in the cafeteria mailbox. Please write your 
child’s full name, grade, teacher’s name, and how many lunches you are purchasing on the front 
of the envelope. Elementary $2.50 per lunch, Middle $2.75 per lunch and High Schools $3.00 per 
lunch. Checks will not be accepted in the lunch line.

Paying for your child’s lunch in advance helps keep the lunch line moving faster and gives 
students more time to eat. Your child’s balanced is carried over from month to month. 
                 For your convenience:
                          Elementary:                                           Middle:                                 HS:
                    Lunches             Amount                    Lunches     Amount             Lunches   Amount
                    5 *         $2.50     $12.50                     5 *  $2.75     $13.75              5*      $3    $15.00
`                 10 *          $2.50     $25.00                   10 *  $2.75     $27.50             10*     $3    $30.00

                 September (17 Days)$42.50                September (17 Days)$46.75                    $51.00
                 October (22 Days)    $55.00                October (22 Days)    $60.50                     $66.00
                 November (18 Days) $45.00                November (18 Days )$49.50                    $54.00

(Elementary Schools Only) Please note: In the event your child should forget their lunch from home, 
does not have any prepaid lunches left, or does not have $2.50, the PTO has money available in the 
cafeteria that students can borrow for lunch. This system is not part of the lunch program.   Money 
borrowed should be paid back to the PTO in cash. Do not pay PTO IOUs along with your prepaid 
checks. They should be paid back in separate envelopes.  The PTO IOU money is limited, so please 
repay the borrowed money as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 565-4230.

Thank you for your continued support of the School Food Services program.