Before and After School Policies

We would like to welcome everyone to a new and exciting school year. To ensure the safety and security of our children, we are asking that everyone review the before and after school policies. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and/or concerns.


There will be no outside supervision before 8:15am.  Parents are encouraged to drop students off no earlier than 8:15 unless they are attending our supervised study hall, which takes place every morning beginning at 7:50am.   During inclement weather, students may enter the cafeteria starting at 7:50am.

7:50 -8:25am - Doors will open in the cafeteria for a quiet study hall. This room will be monitored by Mr. Sullivan or Mrs. Allen.  All students entering the building before school hours must enter the building through the cafeteria.  At this time, students who have made arrangements with teachers for extra help or before school activities may present a pass allowing them to leave the cafeteria and meet with their teacher.

8:25am - Cafeteria doors will be closed and locked.  Entrance into the building will be through the main doors only. The first bell will ring, allowing students to enter school through the main entrance by the flagpole. All students must be in homerooms by the bell at 8:30am or they will be marked tardy.  All students are expected to be present and prepared for their day by 8:30am.

Please also be aware that there is only one primary drop-off place for students.  It is in the cafeteria driveway (via Barbara Lane).


At the conclusion of each school day, all students must adhere to our school policy. This policy is outlined below.

2:50pm - The school day ends.  At this time, all students are expected to exit the building in an orderly fashion. Buses and parent pick-ups will be in the designated areas only. Students must leave the school, and school grounds, immediately unless they have made prior arrangements with a teacher or they are serving a disciplinary consequence.

Students who remain in the building must report to their supervised classroom no later than 3:00pm. Students found "wandering" or unsupervised will be escorted out of the building and may be subject to a disciplinary consequence.

Thank you for your cooperation.